Stepping into 2018 fit and fifty. #FitBit #MyReasonIs

And so begins my third year with a Fitbit.

I haven’t gotten my official year-end report yet, but I ran some stats all the same and they were a bit disappointing. I knew I didn’t walk as much this year as the past two years. My heart wasn’t in it this year and toward the end of the summer, the ticks freaked me out.

So for the first time in three years, I fell under the 3 million steps milestone.


2016’s stats were definitely better and were the high point so far:


And in 2015 I got a late start since I got my Fitbit for Mother’s Day that year…


Unfortunately, weight wise, I’m exactly where I was when I started walking in May 2015. I guess ya gotta love a challenge, right?

One cool thing is my lifetime total steps so far is 9,990,734 steps. That’s super close to TEN MILLION STEPS!!! And it’s 4,191 miles in three years and THAT’S pretty amazing.

2018 will bring my 50th birthday and the halfway point of my life journey. My ultimate goal is to live to be 100 so I can get my face on that Today Show Smucker’s Jar. I’m looking at you Carson Daly. You’re younger than me. I’ll be expecting you to do the honors when the time comes.