A long winter’s night…

We’ve had some below zero nights this winter, I’ve been trying to take care of the domestic and wildlife. I hate leaving the dogs out in the cold, even though they have a cozy crate in the garage and Rosie (the little one) prefers outside to inside. Rosie came to us as a stray and has never lost her independent ways. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy a good belly rub…when it’s her idea.


We let them in to warm up several nights and even sleep inside. It’s just too nerve wracking having them inside for long periods though.

IMG_8575 (800x600)

I finally put a sheet over the chair so it didn’t start smelling like their kennel.

IMG_8906 (800x600)

A rare moment of snuggling with Rosie on the couch. She was pretty insistent this night for that belly rub.

IMG_8554 (600x800)

I think they mostly wanted Bryon out of their chair.

IMG_8581 (600x800)

Bring on Spring!


Beasts, Bees, Birds and Blooms

Not only was it a good year for tomatoes, but Grace planted some zinnias from seed and they went nuts.

IMG_7288 (1024x768)

IMG_7481 (1024x768)

She picked and picked, giving flowers away to teachers and friends. Those plantsย were very prolific.

Bryon helped her build a flower bed of her very own in the front yard as well.

20140928_222322809_iOS (1024x768)The hibiscus struggled along all summer until the end of August when it cooled down.

They grew a foot and started blooming like mad!

IMG_7479 (768x1024)

And the cockscomb Bryon grew from seed was beautiful as well

20140913_182032863_iOS (1024x768)


We had some volunteer cherry tomatoes that grew up from the compost pile.

There must have been hundreds of them.

IMG_7291 (1024x768)

Here’s one small haul of bounty.

IMG_7293 (1024x768)

IMG_7095 (800x600)

The hummingbirds were in full force this year. There were around fifty at the height of the migration.

IMG_7275 (1024x768)

IMG_7362 (768x1024)

Of course the other beasts were no help in all of this. They spent the summer lazing around.

IMG_7294 (1010x1024)Belle chillaxes.

IMG_7591 (768x1024)

Rosie is freshly groomed.


Violet cat naps.

IMG_7367 (1024x768)

And naps.

IMG_7308 (1024x768)And naps.

IMG_7300 (1024x768)

Even the bees were lazy and made NO honey for me. At all.

IMG_7488 (768x1024)I might have done a bit of relaxing myself come to think of it.

IMG_7429 (768x1024)

Free Mange Mutt

Well the good news is no mange. The bad news is she does have a spectacular case of ear mites and tape worms. Luckily they can both be treated but she won’t be getting many snuggles and NO kisses for the next three weeks until the medicine has time to work its magic.

The vet thought she was probably a year to a year and a half old, had surprisingly good teeth for her condition and needed to put on some weight. She weighed in a at a paltry six pounds. She weighs less than either of our cats.

On second thought, maybe I do need to give her some kisses. Perhaps I could benefit from a tape worm. Nothing else is working.

I bought her a cute little pink collar with a bell on it. I had to get a cat collar because her neck is so dang skinny. It’s cute listening to her prance around in it.

So far, so good.


We’ve had spring around the Big Cedars for more than a month now. Way earlier than usual, so of course we got premature gardening fever. Bryon planted potatoes, radishes, onions, lettuce, cabbage and broccoli around the first of March and yesterday we enjoyed the first fruits, er, vegetables of that labor.

It was delicious! I finally stopped buying balsamic vinaigrette from the grocery story and just mixing up my own. I figured out the trick is LOTS of honey and half balsamic vinegar and half extra virgin olive oil.

I found a recipe for radish relish I’m going to try, maybe tonight. I’ve made zucchini relish several times and it’s soooo good on hamburgers and hotdogs. I never know what to actually DO with all those radishes but the are just so lovely their too good to waste. I’ll report back on how it turns out.

Today we bought tomatoes and pepper plants. Sure it’s probably way to early, but hey, if we get tomatoes a month sooner, WooHoo!

We’ve had some progress on the pool building as well. We have a spot almost leveled out and we’ll be putting it up very, very soon. YOU may be on the list of potential pool builders so prepare your strong ropy muscles in advance! It will be all hands on deck for pool raising day! We pay in beer and Aleve. The beer comes AFTER the work is done. That was a lesson learned long ago. Yeah, I’m talking about you brother Mike ๐Ÿ˜‰

Friday night we got another little farm surprise.

She was up by the road in the ditch along our driveway. Bryon found her when he went in the Rhino to pickup Grace off the bus. She followed them home. Grace fed her. Case closed.

She is COVERED in ticks and fleas and has hardly any hair on her belly. Her nipples look like she’s had a litter of pups in the recent past. She’s thin and pitiful. We are hoping she doesn’t have mange. We gave her a flea/tick bath yesterday and Frontlined her. She’s very friendly and can’t keep her tail still when you peek your  head out at her or talk to her. Of course she’s a little skittish but she’s warming up.

You can feel every bone along her back and her sternum protrudes. We’ve all been washing our hands incessantly after handling her but you just can’t resist giving her a pet or a scratch or picking yet another tick off of her. Bryon is taking her to the vet tomorrow and Grace can barely wait for a report of no mange so she can cuddle with her.

Grace had a complete meltdown Friday night as we discussed what to do with her. We thought maybe someone in Bryon’s dad’s apartment complex would enjoy a tiny dog like her. Grace lost it and proclaimed her undying love for her. Bryon told Grace we can’t keep every pet that shows up at our house. Grace responded (correctly) that this was the first one in her WHOLE LIFE and that she wanted a dog that was little she could hold that wouldn’t ever grow up.

Geez, how can you argue with that?

Besides, how much could it possibly eat? It’s tiny.

I’m pretty sure she has worms too. Double fun. Bryon will probably stroke when he has to pay the vet bill tomorrow but she’s too cute to turn out. I’m surprised she hadn’t already been eaten by a coyote up there by the road and the field.

She’s stayed right on the back step on that little bed the past few nights. I’m sure as time goes on she’ll get more adventurous but for now, she’s pretty damn happy to stay right there safe, sound and fed.

Stay tuned for the vet report. I’ll try to let you know before ten days passes again ๐Ÿ™‚

Damn bloggers.