Live Nativity 2014

IMG_8173 (1024x768)Once a year, anyone can be an angel…or a shepherd…or a wiseman.

This year at our church’s live nativity display, Bryon and I were Joseph and Mary and despite our procrastination in signing up we scored the coveted manger scene. The best things about the manger scene?

#1 the barn is a windbreak

#2 the animals are entertaining

IMG_8168 (768x1024)

#3 the ding dang baby sheep this year stole the entire show.

Grace was an angel. Again.

IMG_8204 (1024x768)

This live nativity is a huge production and was the brainchild of Jan Robertson. It takes many, many volunteers to man each of the scenes. The church members also feed all of the volunteers over the three nights the nativity is held. The event is open to the public for two hours for three nights in December.

I think this is the fifth year we’ve participated.

You missed out this year. Like us on Facebook and join us next year at Marshfield United Methodist Church.



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