Random Acts of Grace

10171046_10154909246715691_6971842787937266676_nI taught the kid to make chocolate chip cookies. She can totally do the whole bit by herself now.

My work here is done.

10364131_10154908053880691_5650071877003833791_nThis is a super cool and intricate piece of artwork Grace did in her elementary art class. She has that amazing attention to detail like her Grandpa Medley.Here’s one small sample of Gary Medley’s artwork below.

You can see many, many more on Flickr here.

4504125042_7310fb32e5_mGrace also finished the longest book she’s ever read. Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere came in at 321 pages! She really loved this book about a little girl and her family trying to survive in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. She even wrote her first book review and I posted it for her! She enjoyed the book so much she asked to download the Kindle version of it too so she could read it again.

IMG_7991 (768x1024)Success!


She’s also quite a good shot.

Bryon said, “Gracie used her 20 gauge with slugs and put a solid hit on this milk jug! I dub her ‘slugger’!”


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