November River Trip to Dry Run Creek

20141101_200722221_iOS (768x1024)
Bryon has been wanting to take Grace to a kids’ only branch off the Norfork River in Arkansas called Dry Run Creek for a long time. The little creek is stocked with ginormous trout. Despite our complete lack of wet, cold weather gear, we loaded up and hit the water with the Shomakers for a day kayaking and then fishing fun.


We stayed at Gene’s Trout Fishing Resort. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the television writer/producer Dick Wolf (think Law & Order  and Miami Vice) was in the cabin beside us. We even exchanged pleasantries on our way over to the Shomaker’s cabin with breakfast in hand. Gah, if I had known…I would have talked his EAR off. Probably best it went down as it did.


We spent the first day on the river. My one goal: don’t get wet.

IMG_7919 (1024x768)

Luckily it was a warm day for November and inched up toward the 50s. With the sun out, it was downright lovely. We made it all day with no water related incidences. It was after the kayaking was done and the fishing started that some people (Bryon and Grace) took a bit of a swim.


River rocks are slippery, folks.


Being a helpful dad and trying to pluck your child from the creek is much like trying to save a falling roller skater. You are both going down.


They did. They survived. They caught fish.



The next day we awoke to Mr. Shomaker on our patio bearing Starbucks.


Most excellent.

The men made breakfast and aftward they and the kids all headed down to Dry Run Creek. Kris and I hung back in the cabin, packing, cleaning, talking and surfing the internet.

It was a fun late-season trip.

Next time though, I’m going to pay more attention to the neighbors.


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