Haunted Trail: Scary Edition

The first Haunted Trail we did for Grace’s class a couple of years ago was pretty tame. The kids said it wasn’t scary. This year, we turned up the scary.


 Of course before we even got the trail there was lots and lots of prep.

IMG_7880 (1024x768)

Thank God it didn’t rain.


Me, Grace and Grandpa Medley.


The entrance of the Haunted Trail.


First stop, Terminus.

Of course none of the kids got the genius of this.

The trough…

IMG_7845 (1024x768)

and the BobBQ.

IMG_7847 (768x1024)

I KNOW, right?


Your last warning.

IMG_7853 (1024x768)

One of three graveyards.

IMG_7857 (1024x768)

The skeleton ‘guts’ were mushrooms.

Yeah, I know skeletons don’t have guts, but it looked too cool.

IMG_7858 (768x1024)

We walked the trail in the dark the night before to make sure everything worked correctly. This grim reaper scared the crap out of Belle and she growled at it.

This ghost and the witch coming up next are motion activated but needed an assist in the dark.


We had about a dozen masked spooky volunteers stationed throughout the trail to make sure things stayed… interesting.

The Cook family provided half of them.

IMG_7881 (768x1024)


The Tunnel of Doom was super awesome. We had strobe lights inside, a cackling reaper that said, “Come closer. Come closer. Let me get a hand on you.”

IMG_7856 (1024x768)

The kids had to squeeze out the end and my brother, Mike, was there to spook them when they did.


This animal burrow was the perfect spot for a strobe light and bones. We threw the light down the hole when it got dark. And no, I was NOT the one who stuck my hand in there and fished out the light when it was all over.


Speaking of hands… Aw yes, the bloody stump.Gotta have it.


Graveyard number three.

Grandpa Medley was dressed as Dracula and sat in the coffin. That coffin has a lot of miles on it. My dad had it when I was in college. No. I don’t know why or how he came by it. I can tell you he used to stuff a pair of overalls and close them in the coffin with the legs hanging out the end, pile the whole thing into our pickup and drive around town with it on Halloween.

It’s a legacy coffin.


Nearing the end.


Of course another reaper.


I like to call him Bob.


My dad sat at the very end of the trail and turned on the four wheeler lights to blind the revelers as a spook chased them with the leaf blower…which sounds EXACTLY like a chainsaw 😀

IMG_7832 (1024x768)

For me, the scariest thing of all was the fake snake Grace planted outside the back door.

I about lost my mind. Violet at least made an attempt to save me.



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