The Big 10

Grace turned ten this year.

IMG_7837 (768x1024)

For her actual birthday, we went to The Cave for dinner. Her choice.

IMG_7838 (1024x768)

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A restaurant. In a cave.

It’s a pretty cool place. Pun intended.

IMG_7842 (1024x768)

Per usual we had a sleepover a few days later. The arrival was a little scary.

IMG_7790 (1024x768)

One of the girls farted as soon as she got into the truck and the windows. Went. Down.

IMG_7792 (1024x768)

There was ice cream cake…

IMG_7793 (1024x768)

and a clown.

IMG_7801 (1024x768)

Bryon got a ton of mileage out of our Haunted Trail Halloween masks. I’m pretty sure he trotted out every one of them before the night was over.

IMG_7802 (1024x768)

They all screamed like little girls.

IMG_7809 (1024x768)

We made parachute bracelets. It took a few tries but we finally had success.

IMG_7814 (1024x711)

For a sleepover…there was very little actual sleep.


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