Preparing for scaring


We spent much of October preparing for our Haunted Trail.

We did it for the first time when Grace was in second grade. We skipped last year and decided to do it again this year for her fourth grade class.

Last time, the kids said it wasn’t scary.
IMG_7844 (1024x768)

We fixed that.

IMG_7582 (768x1024)

Grace was so excited when I brought this scary clown mask home she went to check Bryon’s schedule to make sure what time he was getting home.

IMG_7583 (768x1024)

She hid in the bathtub so she could jump out and scare him.

Of course her giggling and squirming gave her away before she could even jump out.

IMG_7746 (800x600) (800x600)

I bedazzled the inside of house.

IMG_7747 (800x600) (800x600)

There might have been a few real cobwebs as well.

IMG_7752 (1024x768)Is it bad that I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas?


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