A Mighty Muskie on Pomme de Terre Lake, MO

10696198_810727605616031_1881087629993649678_nBryon got a chance to scope out the water with his friend Troy before a big fishing tournament Troy was preparing for. Bryon wasn’t going to participate in the tournament, but Troy needed a buddy to help him find the fish beforehand. Troy and his regular fishing partner have placed in the Top Four every year. The fish Bryon caught would have won this year.

After twenty-one hours of fishing over two days, Bryon landed this beast. It was a 43″ long. They were fishing in Pomme de Terre lake, which is known for its Muskellunge, stocked regularly since 1966 so dedicated fisherman have an opportunity to catch trophy-sized muskie.

10599683_810727675616024_8074338660098722049_nThey used some super, heavy-duty tackle. Bryon was worn out after an entire day of throwing these suckers and retrieving them. He wasn’t complaining though. Troy caught two smaller muskies and had two follows. Bryon saw two other fish, one of which short struck his bait. The other followed the bait to the boat and then turned away. That fish dwarfed the one he caught.

10646795_810727628949362_3705469138489451658_nI’d say this counts as a trophy-sized fish.

He threw that big fish back to live another day.


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