Moon Dance Romance


Bryon sent me a cryptic text and told me to be dressed up and ready as soon as he arrived home after work.

Of course, I had follow-up questions.

What? Why? Where? How?

What about Grace? Did we need childcare?

He said it was covered.

It was a weeknight.

We don’t DO things on weeknights.

I spent the entire day trying to figure out what he’d cooked up.

One time, maybe twenty-three years ago or so, he arranged with my boss at the time to sweep me away on a surprise trip. We ended up in Iowa City at a B&B with Big Head Todd & the Monsters tickets.

So I really had NO idea what he had planned.

He’d recruited Grace in on his plan and since no one was showing up to whisk her away, I figured it was something at the house. I had NO idea what he really had in mind. What a cool surprise when he rang the front doorbell and invited me to the driveway for a dance in the harvest moonlight.

He’d parked his truck just off the driveway and Grace had made this cool heart with flowers and chalk.

Bryon had wine and a playlist playing from his pickup.

With Grace’s assist, he pulled off a random act of romance.

Here’s the playlist:

1. Moonlight becomes you – Sinatra
2. Moondance- Michael Buble
3. Fly Me to the Moon- Rod Stewart
4. There’s a Moon Out- Capri
5. Shine on Harvest moon- Bobby Bare
6. Dancing in the moonlight- king harvest
7. Harvest Moon- Neil Young

Twenty-five years later and he’s still got it.

I’m just glad he shares it with me.


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