Firecracker Float

Two days and twenty river miles. Great kayaking on the Eleven Point. Hardly any boats on the water even though it was July 4th weekend.

IMG_6948 (1024x768) (800x600)

IMG_6942 (1024x768) (800x600)We slept on the river bank.

IMG_6943 (1024x768) (800x600)

IMG_6944 (768x1024) (600x800)Grace could spend hours netting critters from the water.

IMG_6946 (768x1024) (600x800)


Grace loved filtering water. She filled all of our bottles several times.

IMG_6949 (1024x768) (800x600)

Beef stroganoff for us all.IMG_6950 (768x1024) (600x800)

IMG_6951 (1024x768) (800x600)

IMG_6953 (768x1024) (600x800)


Chillaxin’.IMG_6958 (1024x768) (800x600)

IMG_6961 (1024x768) (800x600)

We ended the trip at Uncle Rooster’s and signed the floor.


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