A Medley Mashup of June Highlights

After vacation, June just flew by. I know we did more than this, but here are the highlights.

IMG_6842 (800x600)

Bryon helped Grace build her very own flower bed. Sorry about the thumb.

IMG_6882 (800x600)

Niangua baseball.

IMG_6883 (600x800)

Grace got to go to Drury University’s Summer Quest program and this year she got into the vet camp. She loved it. They got to visit Grant Avenue Pet Hospital.

IMG_6884 (600x800)

On the last day of vet camp, the attendees got to bring a pet. Grace wanted to bring Belle, our chocolate lab, but I said, NO WAY. Belle’s a maniac. Rosie has no idea what a leash is and neither of the cats are travel friendly. That left Rex the guinea pig. Rex was a big hit!

IMG_6886 (800x600)

Grace is in the pool every chance she gets, which means Bryon and I have to be out there too. Bryon loves swimming with her. I love sitting on the deck reading a book…or trying to read a book. Here’s one example of how it goes.

Grace: How will you know if I’m drowning if you’re reading a book?
Me: You’ll stop talking for at least thirty seconds, which will alert me that something is terribly wrong.


IMG_6887 (800x600)


I got to see Randall Shreve and the Sideshow downtown.



And Bryon and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

Reap & Repent final revised (647x1024) (404x640)


Oh, and my first novel, Reap & Repent released as a single title. There was that 😀


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