The Wedding: Carl & RaeRae get hitched


The whole impetus that inspired our trip to NYC and Philly was the wedding of Bryon’s nephew Carl to his fiance RaeRae. Carl is the sweetest kid and we were so happy that he met RaeRae on eHarmony. He couldn’t have found a nicer girl or a better match.

IMG_6687 (600x800)Everything was really beautiful.

IMG_6699 (800x600)Carl and Ryan (brothers in the back) with Uncle Bryon.

IMG_6700 (800x275)Such a pretty church. I loved the simplicity of everything. It made the little decorating touches stand out all the more.

IMG_6701 (600x800)We wrangled Jesyah while his mommy was in the wedding party. Grace fed him cookies.

IMG_6707 (600x800)RaeRae and her dad walk down the aisle.

IMG_6711 (600x800)



IMG_6716 (600x800)The wedding cake was gorgeous.

IMG_6713 (800x600)But these? These were pure heaven. Notice the cannolis? Mmmmm….cannolis.

IMG_6690 (600x800)Someone had a little too much fun with the photo booth props. There wasn’t even booze involved.

IMG_6719 (600x800)Jess and Jesyah.

IMG_6722 (600x800)A rock star in his own mind.

IMG_6693 (800x600)Such cute details.

IMG_6718 (600x800)The newlyweds.

…and they lived happily ever after.





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