Intercourse & Amish Buggies

IMG_6734 (800x600)

After the wedding festivities, we headed to Pennsylvania Dutch country with the newlyweds and our Nebraska family.

IMG_6745 (600x800)No, he didn’t buy the t-shirt. But he wanted to.

IMG_6739 (800x600)

IMG_6747 (600x800)

We tracked down an Amish buggy and took a ride through the country.

IMG_6746 (800x600)

Grace and JayJay sat right up front with our driver.

IMG_6748 (480x640)

Opposing cultures: cell phones and cameras in the Amish buggy.

IMG_6749 (640x480)

I can’t for the life of me remember our driver’s name. He was really friendly and informative.

IMG_6752 (800x600)


IMG_6759 (600x800)This little calf had its head stuck between the bars and was wedged.  Carl, Ryan and RaeRae worked and worked until they got it freed.

IMG_6756 (800x600)On the way back, JayJay and Grace both got to take turns driving the buggy. Miraculously we all survived.

IMG_6764 (600x800)And as every good day should, it ended with ice cream.


IMG_6766 (600x800)


IMG_6769 (800x600)

IMG_6770 (600x800)



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