Redneck Jungle Gym

IMG_5341 (1024x768)

Grace has been wanting a treehouse for a while now. When she discovered the Animal Planet show TREEHOUSE MASTERS, it was all over for Bryon.

He was going to have to build a treehouse or some fabulous equivalent.

We have lots of hickory and cedar trees on our thirty acres but none of those are treehouse friendly. What you need is a nice oak tree. Unfortunately there aren’t any spectacular oaks near enough to the house for a treehouse. Until Grace spotted this tree… see above.

It’s at the entrance of our driveway near our old garden and dog kennel. Close enough to see her from the house even.


Treated wood is expensive so there was no way we could build anything as crazy as the TREEHOUSE MASTER but a man with a truckload of wood can make a pretty amazing retreat.

Bryon had sketched out a design, purchased the lumber and other materials, and we spent two days working on it. He finished it up over a couple of more days. Behold… the Redneck Jungle Gym:



She’s already spent a ton of time out there. I would have LOVED to have something like this when we were kids. We did climb lots of trees but this… super cool.

Today at Orschens we added one more ammentity.

hammock chair


Yeah. A hammock chair.

What a life.


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