Book Release Celebration Dinner

PNRUF Box Set 3D (1024x1024)

January was a big month for me and my writing.

One year ago THIS DAY I got THE CALL from Harlequin. You can read about it here.

I was thrilled to finally see my book cover too, even though it’s not quite right yet. My heroine is a brunette. Supposedly, that’s getting fixed but not before it releases in the box set on March 3. I should have a brunette by the single title release on June 2. Otherwise, it’s awesome!

Reap & Repent (647x1024)

Bryon texted Friday afternoon to say he was fixing me a four-course Italian celebration dinner and formal dress was required.

When I got home, the house smelled WONDERFUL and Grace was all dressed up and ready to attend. I changed clothes as requested, and while Bryon worked on the meal, I sat at the bar and surfed on my laptop.

IMG_5140 (1024x768)

On a whim I pulled up Amazon and typed my name into the browser and THIS popped up!

Amazon Repent box set

I had no idea the links were LIVE and must have only been live for a few hours. I jumped to iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble too and sure enough, there it was. My book in a box set and ready for pre-order. Even seeing it with my own eyes, it was still hard to believe.

You can imagine the happy dance around the kitchen. High on my discovery, Bryon served the first course a yummy beef and capers crostini. He even pulled out my great, grandmother’s China which I had never used.

IMG_5142 (768x1024)


Hot on the heels of the first course came these amazing meatballs with a red sauce. Let’s just call them AMAZEBALLS from now on, shall we?

IMG_5143 (1024x768)

The main course was Marsala Cream Beef Tips with Wild Mushroom Risotto. Fantastico!

IMG_5144 (1024x768)

And the pièce de ré·sis·tance was dessert. This Blackberry Panna Cotta was to die for!

IMG_5146 (768x1024)

Bryon found all of the recipes in 417 Magazine and if you click on the links above you can have the recipes too. He spent all day grocery shopping, and then cooking for me. What an awesome celebration.

IMG_5145 (768x1024)

While you can’t sample the meal…you can still be a part of the celebration.

PRE-ORDER now for the best price on Reap & Repent AND receive three other great urban fantasy/paranormal romance stories. It will magically appear on your e-reader March 3.


You can also follow my author blog here if you’d like to


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