December Photo Highlights

Some random December photo ops.

IMG_4704 (1024x768)
Sixth year ringing the Salvation Army bell for Bryon and Grace. Third for me.
IMG_4766 (1024x768)
Signed up late and got the dang DONKEY again for the Marshfield UMC Live Nativity. At least we got the warm night!
IMG_4771 (1024x768)
Grace was an angel again.
IMG_4899 (1024x768)
Grace spent $35 of her Christmas money on this blinged out western belt at the hardware/feed store.
IMG_5044 (703x1024)
Bryon and his friend Troy took the kids to Incredible Pizza during Christmas break. Brave men. Grace was thrilled to win Si and Phil from the crane machine. She slept with them in her bed for a week. Now I don’t know where they’ve gone to.
IMG_4713 (768x1024)
Gingerbread village. We got it icing glued together so well that when I finally threw it out into the compost pile, the dogs carried around the intact pieces for several days.
IMG_4710 (768x1024)
Not actually a December pic but oh well. Bryon ground up the leftover Thanksgiving turkey, combined it with some venison and made these AMAZING MEATBALLS. That’s pasta sauce from our 2013 garden too! Yummmmmmy!
IMG_4791 (768x1024)
Dropped the flour canister while making cookies and POOF! Flour EVERYWHERE.
IMG_4794 (1024x768)
Lucky for me Grace wanted to clean it up. She actually BEGGED to do it. Uh, okay. 😀

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