Christmas 2013

IMG_4852 (768x1024)

We did Christmas a our house again this year. It’s so nice to stay home and have a house full of visitors on Christmas Eve. Then Christmas morning we wake up and play games in our jammies after Grace opens even MORE presents.

Artwork from Grandpa Medley

We stopped buying one another presents (or were supposed to) years ago. Grace is the only one who gets gifts, and it’s an embarrassing number of gifts at that. We buy her clothes, shoes etc. as needed through the year but her birthday and Christmas are her big cash-in days. So, yeah. All of those gifts under the tree are hers. Santa brought more for her the next morning.

IMG_4857 (768x1024)

IMG_4860 (1024x768)

Grandpa Medley & Lynsey playing Headbanz

Our friends Lynsey and Brayden came over and played games with us too.

Bryon made spaghetti carbonara again. Honestly, I think he’s stuck making that for eternity because it is amazing, and we really only get it once a year. 


I think this will be the last year Grace believes in Santa. She’s nine now, and I’m pretty sure she’s just playing along because we told her kids who don’t believe don’t get gifts from Santa.

She’s no dummy. Next year, though…maybe we can all sleep in.




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