Miss Merry Christmas Winner

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For the first time this year, Grace’s school held a Miss Merry Christmas Pageant. It’s a miracle the event ever actually happened because it was rescheduled three times around snowy weather.

Each contestant, preschool through sixth grade, had two minutes to perform a talent. Grace chose making brownies. You can imagine how happy this made me. Finally, the having-a-kid payoff. A brownie-making slave.

She practiced and practiced.


A few hours before the big event, we took her to town to the beauty shop, and she got the full treatment. Hair and nails. She told the stylist she wanted wedding hair.

IMG_4810 (1024x1024)

We packed up all of the ingredients in a picnic basket and headed to school.

The gym was packed with the families of fifty-eight contestants. Our little school only has 250 students K-12 so that was an amazing turnout.


They were all dolled-up and stinkin’ cute!


There were awards for first through third place winners in each grade but only first place got the tiara.

IMG_4813 (768x1024)

Grace had her eye on those tiaras from the moment she walked into the gym.

She did a fantastic job and even gave a plate of brownies that she had made the night before to the judges. All of her practice paid off. She won first place in third grade and took home one of those tiaras.

A few days later, I posted the little video of her talent display and a picture of her with the Betty Crocker Ultimate Brownie mix she used to win on Betty Crocker’s Facebook page. Betty liked it and messaged me that they wanted to send her a little gift.

Here is what she got.

IMG_4952 (768x1024)

Life is good in the third grade.



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