Thanksgiving Dressing Success

IMG_4705 (1024x768)

This year, I finally made my grandma Betty Rice’s secret Thanksgiving dressing recipe. It only took forty-three years before she would give me the recipe. She can keep a secret.

Of course, I can’t SHARE the recipe now because then I’d have to kill you. Trust me, it is different than anything you’ve ever tasted. I love the rich taste of it but some of our family does not. Fine by me. That just means there is MORE for me.

I was nervous making it for the first time and bought four boxes of Stove Top stuffing just in case it was a colossal failure. I kept Grandma Rice on speed dial and did consult her before I started. Good thing too because she left out a couple of tricks that would have likely ended my experiment with different results. I’m glad I gave it a go while she’s still around to consult.

I even sent a container full of dressing home to her so she could test it out.

I’m happy to report it was Betty Rice approved.


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