Dear Santa, — My nine-year-old’s Christmas list

27 Nov

IMG_4674 (1024x768)

Grace got hold of a Young Explorers toy catalog and went to town circling things she wanted. Things she HADN’T wanted until she saw the catalog. She’s a sucker for the marketing and descriptive blurbs as you can see from her list.

This may be the last year she believes in Santa and it is the first year she’s written an actual letter (without help) and made a list. I’d better get it mailed off soon. The lady who gave her the catalog pointed out that some of things were rather expensive. Grace wasn’t concerned.

“It doesn’t matter,” Grace said. “Santa makes them.”

Um, yeah.

See the letter above and THE LIST below…

IMG_4673 (1024x768)

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One response to “Dear Santa, — My nine-year-old’s Christmas list

  1. Cara Bristol

    December 8, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Be sure you save that letter!



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