Bug Disaster Averted


Last week we came home one night to discover what looked like maggots squirming across the living room hardwood floor by the windows. Um, right. Why would maggots be on the floor?

We scooped them up, disposed of them and went about our business.

The next morning there was whole new batch of them. Closer inspection proved they weren’t exactly maggots but something else and they seemed as if perhaps they were actually emerging from out wood flooring. We actually saw some burrowed down into the flooring. Ten years ago we installed antique-grade wood flooring in our kitchen/dining/living area downstairs. It is beautiful and has lots of character because of tiny existing worm holes.

Worm holes.


Bryon started Googling and came across about a million horror stories of borer beetles of all sorts emerging after long periods of time from wood flooring that was poorly kiln dried. Ours was discount wood.

More Googling and a call to our bug guy made the situation seem even more dire. Those bugs that were suddenly emerging from our wood floors were most likely about to begin eating our house from the inside out.

Every morning there was another batch of the larvae squirming across the floor. The scariest part was that those were the ones we could SEE. What was happening on the underside of that flooring? Or up and inside our half-log walls? We are the little pigs who built our house of wood. Inside and outside.

IMG_4308 (768x1024)

We were starting to regret (yet again) not bricking our house like smart, middle-aged home builders.

Days went by and more larvae emerged. The bug guy was scheduled but too busy to come quickly. Bryon called around and got estimates on what it would cost to sand down then refinish our wood floors after the bug guy sprayed (the only way to try to stop the invasion) or to remove then re-install new wood flooring. Both estimates were around $4,000 and neither option was a sure bet all the bugs (wood borers) would be eliminated.

We started freaking out a little.

Or a lot.

Then Friday, while we were both at work, Bryon decided to get a second opinion and we texted our bug pics to another bug guru. After some consideration, Bryon called to ask if the larvae could be coming from my honey which I had slow extracting in the corner of the kitchen.

IMG_4113 (768x1024)

Well. Maybe. I hadn’t looked in there for a few weeks. I had a lid on the bucket too. He asked if they could be moth larvae and my brain clicked. Wax moths.

I’ve had them in my beehives before. When the hive gets weak, wax moths can take over and destroy honeycomb. They are a HUGE mess.

Bryon Googled wax moth larvae and SHAZAAM! That’s what we had. Not wood borers. Wax moths chew through wax and eat honey. As soon as I got home, I carefully carried the extracting honey to the garage and opened the top where the comb was. It was full of larvae and even a couple of adult wax moths. I also noticed there were a couple of air holes along the top of the bucket and the squirmy pests had made their way out of the bucket, fallen to the floor, then headed toward the windows in both rooms while we slept.

Since I removed the honey from the house on Friday, there have been no new larvae sightings. We were a few short days away from spending $4k and ripping our wood floors to pieces to try to save out house from internal destruction.

Bug disaster averted.


I even managed to save the honey.


10 thoughts on “Bug Disaster Averted

    • Honey is fine, Wanda πŸ™‚ Strained of bugs as always. The honey you buy on the store shelf has the same critters crawling around it before you get it. Don’t you LOVE knowing where your food comes from!


  1. a lesson for all of us to learn – never panice – always stop and consider all angles before dealing with any emergency repair – or any other breakdown, disaster, or larvae infestation!!


  2. Great story, just glad it ended the way it did and not $4K down the drain. A good lesson learned to always get a second opinion or rethink the issue…..I’ll remember that the next time we have something strange in our house!! πŸ™‚


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