The End of Summer – Kayaks, Camping & Coasters.


A couple of weekends ago we went on what will likely be the last camping trip of summer. We visited Table Rock Lake and the new Old 86 Campground with our friends The Thiessens.

An island across the way caught our little friend Cale’s eye and we all decided to venture out to it. It was the farthest Cale had ever paddled and he did a great job.


It was maybe a mile away but across the open water of the lake. We stayed in a tight little group to try to be as visible as possible to the big cruisers and pleasure crafts.

IMG_4010It really didn’t take all that long to make it across but the kids especially had a great sense of accomplishment when we reached the shore. We weren’t exactly stranded, but we did find a beach ball (shades of Castaway?) caught in some trees during the high water of the previous weeks.


We all explored a bit. Some more than others.

IMG_4011Claimed our stake then headed back.

IMG_4007The next day was filled with do-over rides at Silver Dollar City since Grace and I got rained out the Monday before. She wasn’t ready to leave, but had fun with Cale. The grownups watched from the sidelines while they took the plunge. We did get to ride Outlaw Run again.

Best. Roller. Coaster. Ever.



Not a bad way to end the summer.


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