Sometimes It Really Is Your First Rodeo

IMG_3755 (768x1024)

After ten years of living fifteen minutes from Marshfield, we finally went to the Forth of July rodeo this year.

IMG_3767 (1024x786)

Most years we end up at the lake to watch the Dam Fireworks at Pomme de Terre, but this year we decided to stay home. They have a great fireworks display each year during the rodeo intermission and we’ve caught it more than once just driving by at the right time. It was so much better from the stands.

IMG_3753 (768x1024)

We had great seats and really enjoyed the show. We’ve been to a few other rodeos out west through the years but this one was just as fun.

IMG_3768 (1024x768)

Earlier in the day we attended the historic Marshfield Fourth of July Parade. We’ve watched it two years and been in it once now. The bad part of being IN the parade is that you don’t get to SEE the parade.

IMG_3745 (1024x768)

All I saw was the bottom of a cooler full of quickly melting ice pops.

IMG_3744 (768x1024)

By the end of the parade we were just handing out Koolaid pops.

IMG_3747 (768x1024)

The church vacation bible school float was a rock ‘n roll theme, in case you missed that.

IMG_3746 (768x1024)

Rock on.


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