Shut In With The Medleys

IMG_3593 (1024x768)

Last year we had so much fun at Johnson’s Shut-Ins over Bryon’s birthday weekend, we decided to go for a repeat. Just for kicks we added in Aunt Brenda, my mom’s sister.

The Shut-Ins themselves are really cool rock formations which create fantastic pools and tiny waterfalls along the East Fork of the Black River. I totally stole this pic from the Missouri State Parks site since I didn’t take a camera along the day we played in the water. You can also find camping and day trip info there.


We stayed in their super cool cabins which are only $75 a night. We rented two cabins this time. Everyone had fun playing in water, eating, reading, playing cards and relaxing.

IMG_3591 (1024x768)

I started and finished Stephen King’s new book Joyland. Loved it and it was so nice to just kick back and read.

IMG_3610 (768x1024)

Grace won several rounds of Golf. Trust me. You don’t have to let her win. She will crush you.

IMG_3592 (768x1024)

The second day we visited Elephant Rocks State Park and everyone performed Feats of Strength. We celebrated Festivus a little early this year.

IMG_3650 (1024x768)

IMG_3645 (768x1024)

IMG_3648 (1024x768) 

IMG_3646 (1024x768)

We stumbled upon a couple of old mountain goats along the way.

IMG_3614 (1024x768)

Grace chillaxin’ in a hammock tree.

IMG_3621 (768x1024)

The shell of an old train depot from the days when granite was mined from this area.

IMG_3625 (768x1024)

Some tiny rocks.

IMG_3608 (1024x316)

Squeeze Rock.

IMG_3652 (768x1024)Grace snagged the last and best picnic table for our lunch.

IMG_3655 (768x1024)

This is such a neat place but there are still so many other Missouri parks we haven’t seen yet. Since we finally replaced out camper this month, who knows where we’ll be next.

IMG_3840 (1024x768)It’s a big world.

We’re ready to see it.


One thought on “Shut In With The Medleys

  1. Laura here’s a weekend trip that you’re camping gang might like. This is your Aunt Brenda, her sister and her nieces families at big cedar.


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