River Rats

IMG_3691 (1024x541)This is River Jim’s storage unit. Jim is our new best friend.

Bryon had been wanting a kayak for a while (which I tried to talk him into fifteen years ago I might mention). Finally in June he went to River Jim’s and bought one for himself and Grace. I told him to just pick up one for me too.

Stupid me. Smart Bryon. I had no idea kayaks could be so different.


This was just one of the seven boats I paddled before choosing one. It was between this Wilderness Aspire and a Dagger Zydeco. I got the Zydeco. I almost had to flip a coin to decide, but I’m glad I did choose one myself.

IMG_3725 (1024x768)

River Jim is right on the Niangua River five minutes from Buffalo, Missouri. You can find him here… RIVER JIM. He carries Wilderness, Dagger and Perception. We ended up with one of each.

IMG_3733 (1024x768)

Since then, we have been on a river almost every weekend. Grace has already logged more than sixty river miles in her little pink Perception and gets lots of compliments on both her boat and her mad skills. We’ve been down sections of the Osage Fork River, the Eleven Point River, the Current River, the Niangua River and the James River.

Bryon has been down even more fishing for trout and small mouth.

Grace really does well in her boat, but I thought it would be a good idea for us all to take a refresher course with the Ozark Mountain Paddlers.

IMG_3792 (768x1024)

Last Saturday we headed down to the dirty old James River and spent the day ferrying, catching eddies and paddling upstream. At one point the sky opened and poured giant, ice-cold raindrops on us. We were freezing! When we all got out of our boats and tried to get under some trees for cover, we realized the water was warmer than the rain. All nine of us submerged in the river with only our heads sticking out for a half hour until the rain passed. It was a redneck sauna and a good lesson learned.

IMG_3736 (768x1024)Always be prepared.

IMG_3848 (1024x703)

We were not.

We will be next time.




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