Catch Up Excuses

IMG_3880 (768x1024)

As July comes to an end, I suddenly realized, HEY, I MISSED JUNE TOO!

My blogging updates are tardy for two main reasons. One, I post lots of this stuff on Facebook and somehow it seems to lose its importance to me after it has already seen some light, had some feedback and gotten some likes. The problem is it stays in Facebook and dies there. Everything I blog gets printed into a book each year and becomes a journal.

Like this:

IMG_3879 (1024x768)

That’s actually five years of blogging. The far right book is the first one I ever had printed through Blog2Print and it contains the first two years of Life in the Big Cedars.

It usually costs me between $50-$100 to have my posts printed into this cool hardback format depending on how many posts/pages I have each year. It’s a cool site and easy to use. It’s compatible with Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and is a great way to journal your family.

All of this to say… get ready for the catch up because here it comes.


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