Easter Eggs and Spelling Bees


Somehow I managed to miss two entire months of family blogging. Busy much? Here comes the catch up!

As has become a tradition, Bryon and Grace decorated Easter eggs together. I did one or two myself.

IMG_3214 (2)

Much as pets and their owners often look alike, Bryon’s egg was eerily similar to someone else I know…

Then there was Grace’s contributions.

IMG_3216 (2)

They make a good team.

IMG_3215 (2)

In March, Bryon and I both decided to start exercising and dieting to try to lose some weight.

IMG_3221 (2)

Since March 12, I’ve lost fifteen pounds and Bryon has lost twenty-two. It feels good to NOT be at capacity.

Nana came to stay one weekend and taught Grace how to make the hot new scarves that are all rage. She did a great job on her first one (which she promptly gave away).



I’ve been working for Community Blood Center. This is the end of my thirteenth year there. I’ve also been writing…and editing…and editing…and editing. You can read all the sordid details here if  you want.. on my author blog at Lisa Medley.

In April, Grace participated in the Niangua classroom spelling bee. She was nervous before she even started studying. In fact, she didn’t want to win because she was worried about messing up. I told her she couldn’t not do it just because she might mess up. I told her she had to try her best.

IMG_3314 (867x1024)

She studied quite a bit on the list of a hundred words her first grade teacher sent home and finally the day for the classroom spelling bee came. She took second place in her classroom. Her BFF Addy (to her right) took first, which meant they were both going to the regional spelling bee in Hollister, MO…on a bus…together.

IMG_3317 (768x1024)

Grace was thrilled. And nervous. She called EVERYONE she knew that night to tell them the good news. If she’d had a Facebook page, it would have been all over it.

The regional spelling bee had another two hundred possible words which they couldn’t study for. There was not a list. They were secret and random. It was infuriating.

The evening of the contest, I followed behind the bus all the way to Hollister. I sat in the classroom at the Hollister elementary with about twenty other parents, and we waited impatiently for our nine second grade students to compete. Grace said she was nervous but I told her just do the best she could. No big deal.

Inside, my heart was racing like crazy and beating in my ears.

They closed the doors and it began.

Grace was middle of the pack for the nine contestants. The first little girl missed the first word: notebook. She spelled it nootebook. I almost cried for her.

She returned to the audience and her parents’ laps.

Three more students spelled and were correct before it was Grace’s turn. I can’t remember her words now. Mostly because it was a blur, but she made it through five rounds before she was out. Finally.

The word FINALLY got her.

It’s a hard word.

When the judge (who just happened to be her very own teacher from Niangua) told her she was incorrect, she said, “Oh man!” and came and sat on my lap. I’m surprised she didn’t feel my knees shaking. It was terrifying.

We were both relieved it was over. We watched the next several rounds. Addy made it through two more words then she was out as well. The winner was a girl from Bradleyville, I think.

I let Grace ride the bus back home with her BFF and their bus driver (also Addy’s grandma) stopped at Dairy Queen for them for ice cream on the way back.

They lost, but they were still winners.

The ribbon said “Participant”…but it was a pretty big deal.



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