Saturday Sleepover

IMG_3150 (1024x927)
Shooting hickory nuts with a slingshot from the trampoline.

Since Daddy is fishing today, I decided to let Grace have a sleepover so she’d have someone to play with. It’s been a while since she had anyone over. So far they’ve mostly jumped on trampoline, screamed, run in and out the back door about six hundred times and made a big mess.

The two rules (quickly amended to four) were:

No fighting.

Clean up your mess (all of it) before bed.

I had to add stay away from the pond and the pool.

When Grace visited her cousin, Mazzy, in Tennesee over Thankgiving she learned how to do some cool newspaper nail art. You can learn how at this link . It totally worked. The hardest part was getting the girls to sit still and WAIT while the three coats of polish dried.

IMG_3152 (1024x768)
Prep work

IMG_3155 (768x1024) IMG_3154 (768x1024) IMG_3153 (768x1024)

They actually turned out better than I had expected 😉 I might have to do my own before the next writing meeting 🙂


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