Spring Has Sprung in The Big Cedars

February 2013 003 (1024x774)
Sleetbow over Niangua ahead of the big snow storm.

I’m behind.

I know you’re not surprised. Things do continue to go on around The Big Cedars whether I keep up with them here or not, BUT it is well past time for an update.

February 2013 006 (1024x421)
The Full Monty: Sleetbow over Niangua.

In the past two weeks, Grace has been out four snow days. The first two were for ice. The second two were for seven inches of heavy, wet snow that lingered for several more days.

It really was a beautiful snow. One of the biggest we’d had here in a long time. I was more than thankful the power stayed on the entire event. Both weeks. I’m a Grid Girl #sonotamish.

February 2013 009 (1024x313)

I sent Grace outside for a while so I could try to get some actual work done without constant interruptions. She was grumpy about it. Four days is a lot of togetherness in the house. She wanted me to come outside too but here’s the deal. I don’t like being wet. I don’t like being cold. Cold + wet = grumpy mama.

I stayed inside.

After several attempts she managed to construct this very cute snowman.

February 2013 010 (768x1024)

Which lasted all of ten seconds after I let Belle back out of the kennel. She DESTROYED it. All that was left was the slightly mushy hat.

Luckily for Grace, the fun parent, aka Bryon, got home early that day and helped her build this…

February 2013 011 (768x1024)

It’s a seal/penguin sort of thing. Pretty cute.

He also did this for her…notice the passenger in the front of the Rhino.

Of course this week has been an entirely different story. That big snow storm was the last hurrah I hope. I’ve been very unmotivated as far as the garden goes. Most years I would have been browsing garden porn for months. This year not so much.

March 2013 018

Luckily, Bryon is more motivated and has saved me from June/July food regret. He burned off the garden beds and already has onions, potatoes, Swiss chard and endive in the ground. I dug out the lettuce seeds today so maybe this week I’ll spread a few around and wait for salad to grow.

And last but not least, Rosie got a makeover.

March 2013 008

She’d gotten VERY shaggy and was basically covered in dreadlocks. We have given her several baths through the year, but she’s a wolf at heart and roams the edges of the forest barking at nuts and invisible threats.

We were worried about how she would do because while she absolutely adores having her tummy rubbed, she does not like to be picked up or cuddled. I couldn’t imagine her being successfully groomed. 

March 2013 010

As you can see the groomer did an awesome job. He thinks she’s part Yorkie and part Beagle. That either makes her a Borkie or a Yeagle. Either way she turned out pretty dang cute!

She even got to sleep in Grace’s bed (reluctantly on her part) for two night and on the couch in front of the pellet stove for two more cold nights. I would be willing for her to become an inside dog, but her heart is wild so outside she is.

March 2013 011

We did buy her a cute little fleece jacket which she wore for a week, but she’d rather snuggle up with Belle in the garage than be in the house.

I guess that’s okay.

There’s room for everyone that way.




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