Christmas Catchup

December 2012 056

The trees are down, the lights are off and every piece of Christmas ephemera is carefully packed away for another year. Why is it always so much more fun taking that stuff out than putting it away?

We had a great Christmas in the Big Cedars.

December 2012 016

Grace decorated a gingerbread train early on in December, and she did a great job.

December 2012 017

Christmas Eve and Christmas day we played games…

December 2012 060

December 2012 037

And we ate, and ate, and ate.

Here’s me enjoying a Redneck repast of wine and deer jerky. Yep, nothing says Christmas in the Big Cedars quite like booze and jerky.

December 2012 035

As is the case every year, Grace got an embarrassing number of gifts. I think perhaps that’s the case with only children. In our defense, she really doesn’t get or even ask for much during the year. Her birthday is in October so that’s always an issue when we have a huge party like we did this year with more than twenty kids.

Having a food drive in lieu of gifts helped with that problem but Christmas… is a different animal.

This may be the last year she believes in Santa. We’ll see. She did notice that a couple of her DS games had price tags on them and pointed it out to me saying, “Santa’s elves didn’t even make these!”  I told her that Santa, like the rest of us, always looks for the best deal 🙂 I’m pretty sure she bought it.

But next year…


One thought on “Christmas Catchup

  1. I wonder how much longer we can keep our 5-year-old believing in Santa, as well. He’s so full of questions! And this reminds me, I’m supposed to be taking down the Christmas tree right now. Better put down the computer and get to work!


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