December Wrap Up

December has been a month filled with holiday activity. As for the writing, I’ve taken the month off but will be back at it Jan. 1 for the Fourth Annual JANO Writing Event with Sleuths’ Ink.  If you are a writer or interested in writing, join us!

In the meantime, you can catch up with the Medley’s here.

December 2012 078 (768x1024)

December 7, Bryon and I took Grandpa Gary (Bryon’s dad), my mom, my aunt and Grace to Silver Dollar City. This has become an annual trip. The Grands and Aunt go see a show while Bryon, Grace and I ride, ride, ride. It drizzled on us on the way down but was still warm so we forged ahead and hoped for the best. It turned out to be a fantastic night! The crowd was much lighter than normal for fear of the rain so we got to ride over and over.

December 2012 081 (751x1024)

Grace was lucky enough (even though she was actually still a half inch too short) to ride Wildfire. She loved it! It was the first time for me to ride it in the dark, and it was pretty awesome.

December 2012 084 (1024x816)

I was even lucky enough to get the last smore of the night before the stand closed down.

December 2012 103 (768x1024)

We also participated again in our church’s live nativity. Bryon and I have been Mary and Joseph several times and a few times Grace and I were angels. This year I got stuck being a shepherd because we were pokey in signing up. Once again, we got really lucky with the weather and it was a warm, clear night. We’ve frozen our buns off a few years.

December 2012 104 (663x1024)

Hundreds of visitors drive through the nine outdoor scenes each year.

Grace was in the church Christmas pageant this year for the first time. She was nervous for a few practices but ended up volunteering to sing a short solo and say a line. She did a great job! You can watch it on YouTube here.

December 2012 089 (560x1024)

And last but not least, Grace was a Candy Land Flower in the Niangua version of The Nutcracker at school. Now I’ve never actually seen the real Nutcracker, but those kids did an amazing job. How Mrs. D got that many kids to do such a great job, I have no idea but they did a great job. You can view her performance here.

December 2012 114 (768x1024)


One thought on “December Wrap Up

  1. I had a wonderful time once again. You are such a blessing in my life to include me in some of your life adventures. I always get such a laugh with Gary. I have never seen Gracie as hyped up as she was that night. So cool! Tks again!


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