Haunted Trail & Hay Ride 2012

This year we decided to have a blowout Halloween/Birthday Party for Grace for her big 8th birthday.

Last year after Halloween, I picked up a few creepy crawlies that might be fun to use decorating a part of our wooded trail. Then things went crazy. I am not even going to add up all the receipts but suffice it to say it ended up being one expensive party.

We invited her entire class (twenty one kids) and about a dozen other kids plus their families. I’m pretty sure almost all of them showed up. At one point I counted twenty-eight kids…some may have been running through the woods.

Notice the grave For You!

I made fifty-five mummy cupcakes and only had about ten left.

Now keep in mind, these were eight year olds so we kept the overall creepiness of the trail toned down, but Bryon came up with some awesome ideas.

No bones about it…
Yep, that’s a real casket.
The end of the road.
Last man hanging.
Medusa and a Zombie Hunter

Many of the kids screamed their heads off while others complained about how NOT SCARY it was.

Huggler #1 & Grandpa
We were safe, ’cause there were lots of ninjas.


Yep, another ninja.
Costume Contest Winners.

Whatever my little complainers…wait until next year…Bwahahahaha.


2 thoughts on “Haunted Trail & Hay Ride 2012

  1. Had an absolute blast with you guys!! Great fun & fantastic memories! Btw.. I have some “goodies” I picked up for next years trail in the back of my car. hehe


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