Winding Down

Despite the third (or is it the fourth?) week of hundred degree temperatures, it feels like summer is winding down. Normally around this part of the the world, the Ozarks Empire Fair occurs during the hottest week of the year. It’s inevitable. Like Christmas.

This year, every week of summer has felt like fair week.

I’m actually getting tired of trying to keep things alive. Plant and animal.

I did get a nice long break last week and enjoyed a “staycation” at home while Bryon was in Wyoming fishing and Grace was at her Nana’s. I had intentions of writing on my next novel with obsession. I found several other obsessions to occupy my time instead. I did manage to write sixteen pages, nearly 4,000 words, and I’m happy with the start of Reap & Redeem. Much happier actually than the first three chapters of my first book, Reap ‘Em & Weep. Those still need some work.

It’s been three weeks since I sent my partial manuscript and synopsis to the two agents, and I continue to anxiously await rejection. Or not.

I actually tried to do some plotting on book two before I began, but as usual I was impatient and just jumped into it headlong.

I also managed to get in TWO MASSAGES. They were wonderful. Oh, and I lost eight pounds. Four of which I’ve already gained back this week as it was back to work and reality. Lots of changes happening at my job with new personnel etc. Bryon’s work continues to be good. He realized the other day that he hasn’t been upset or angry about going to work even ONE DAY since he started there more than a year ago. What a great move that has been for him.

Grace has spent four weeks total at Nana’s this summer, spread out since school was out in May. She’s enjoyed her time with Nana, and I’ve enjoyed the break as well. Next summer we’ll probably go on another family vacation somewhere. Our pool was the FAMILY TRIP this year.

I’ve pretty much given up on the garden with the exception of the tomatoes which we continue to water and pamper. I convinced Bryon to try heirloom vegetables the past three years which have produced nearly NO produce. This year I gave in, and we planted the hybrids. It’s been a bumper year, and my freezer is FULL of tomatoes. One weekend soon, we are going to stew them down into spaghetti sauce and freeze it for later use.

I haven’t canned one jar of ANYTHING this summer. I just haven’t been in the mood. I’ve also not raised any chickens. Iin retrospect with the heat this summer, that was probably a lucky move. It would have been difficult keeping them alive. Looks like we’ll be buying our chicken and produce from the grocery store this year. Between the heat and my preoccupation with writing, I’ve lost some of my ambition for other projects. A girl can only concentrate on one or two things at at time. Or at least this girl can.

On the indoor home front, Belle has been banished to the outdoors. It has been glorious. I can once again sit on my couch mostly unmolested. Belle began shedding her blondish bear fur coat early in the spring and the second her hair began to fall out in egg-sized clumps, outside she went. It’s been good for her and me. I feel like beating her much less now. She still won’t mind me unless I have a hotdog in my pocket. Oh well.

Rosie has been a real blessing to our family. She’s just fit in great, and she and Belle play together constantly. Rosie has doubled her weight and actually is a little on the chunky side right now. She’s a roly-poly pooch.

School starts back August 16, and Grace starts the second grade.

Only ten more years until she goes to college, and Bryon and I can buy a muscle car to cruise around in.
Life is good in the Big Cedars.


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