Staycation 2012

I am home alone. It’s very quiet.

Bryon is fishing in Wyoming with his two buddies in their new drift boat, and Grace is at Nana’s for the week. I have the entire house to myself for ten days. I took a week of vacation, and I’m spending it at home. Well, mostly.

Yesterday I did get out to have a massage which was divine. Today I met the L Girls (Leslie, Liz and Laura) at Freda’s in Marshfield for breakfast then back to the Big Cedars for swimming and catching up. It was a great day.

I finally made it up to the Writing Cave this afternoon, and now I am screwing around on my laptop NOT writing on my next novel. I did manage to get things started Friday night and already have 1,015 words.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my friend Dawn for lunch in Springfield and Magic Mike. Wednesday night it’s off to the Not-Really-A-Book-Club-Anymore-Group. Saturday is a Conceal & Carry class.

I’d like to write at least a thousand words a day for the next seven days. We’ll see how that goes. I think I put so much pressure on  myself to use these days to write that it’s backfiring on me. Procrastination is beating me like a slow race horse right now.  I keep thinking of all the things I want to jam into these days of no responsibilities.

I think I’m too busy trying to not be busy.

How nuts is that?



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