Silver Dollar City Day

 Last week I took Grace and her BFF to Silver Dollar City. For one briefly insane moment there, I had a third seven year old lined up to go with us. I’m pretty sure a third would have done me in.

Actually, there were really, really good. It’s me, not them. I have absolutely no patience, so I just had to go to that happy place in my head for twelve hours. Yeah, it took twelve hours. We left at 8 am and returned home at 8 pm.

We burned that place down.

We rode every ride except Wildfire (they were still too short) and the train.  In fact, her friend was a half inch too short for most of the rides. Luckily, Grace had her high heeled flip flops on, so I made them trade. That got Short Stuff on all the rest of the rides.

At one point, the ride operator of the Electro Glide told us we should just go to the measuring station and get her a wristband so she wouldn’t have to be measured every time since she was “All Ride” height. Cool, I thought. So off we traipsed to the measuring station where the girl made her take OFF Grace’s high heeled flip flops and measured her flat footed.

No dice.

She was still kiddie ride bound. Grace was an inch OVER All Ride status so as soon as we were out of sight of that measuring station, I tore off Short Stuff’s wristband and we were golden again. Was I perhaps setting a bad example by using deception to get what I wanted? Yes. Did we ride like fiends? Yes.

Grace got to ride the barn swings for the first time and Powder Keg for the fifth or sixth. My only real regret was those dang tea cups. I’m pretty confident I’ve spun my last tea cup. I remember when we went to Disney World when I was small and my Dad hated those things and got sick after riding them. Oh yeah, I wanted to hurl.

We wore our swim suits under our clothes so we could ride the water rides and not have squishy underwear all day. Ingenius I know.

We pretty much ate our way through the park. I don’t even want to add up what we spent on food, but over all it was a very fun day.

A day full of YES.

Boy did I sleep well that night.

 Who doesn’t love that?


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