Memorial Memories

Okay, first of all I know…I suck. I just realized I hadn’t posted since May 3. Eek! My three fans are revolting. So here you go, the colossal update and a promise to try harder. No, I’m not going to post every day, but I’ll try to make it more than monthly.

This weekend we finally got the pool up. We had a dozer guy out to level the ground several weeks ago then hand-worked the ground and leveled it more with a 2×12, a tape measure and a four foot level.. We felt like it was pretty good but my dad borrowed a transit on Friday, and we shot it . Thankfully, it was less than a 1/2 inch off. We had two inches to work with so we were relieved.

Saturday we had a crew of friends and family rounded up and started the pool raising at 7 am with homemade biscuits and gravy. We had the pool up by noon and the Niangua fire dept. brought us out water to fill that puppy up.

Grace was in and out of it from the first droplets till the final fill.

The garden hoses only got it so far and when the fire truck arrived things really picked up.

It took the rest of the afternoon to get that sucker filled to three quarters full. They came back out this afternoon and finished it up. Bryon and I finally go the skimmer and the filter/pump hooked up no thanks to the absolutely horrible instructions or lack there of.

It was chilly, but we all got in this evening including Nana and christened it.

Grace went through four swimsuits in two days.

We had a talk about that.

Looks like a long fun summer. Bring it!


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