I give.

I am not Superwoman.

I’ve really struggled posting every day, and I’ve decided to quit. I’m not going to quit blogging, but I am going to stop posting everyday. It’s just too hard to keep up with it and do anything else. Maybe I’ll still get in 365 posts before the year is up. Maybe not. But I am relieved to let the burden of it go.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get the good stuff. Probably better stuff actually.

I’ve made it through the first hundred pages of edits on my book, so I’m a third of the way. I’ve also rewritten the first two chapters now for the third time. It may get still another makeover (probably several more). Hopefully, I’m making it better and not just replowing the same earth.

Monday night is the first of four writing workshops, and I’m excited to attend. They cover point of view and dialogue, characterization and conflict, plotting and show don’t tell. I suspect I’ll learn more in those four sessions than I did in four years of college. Of course, I’m differently motivated now. That helps.

So there you are. Don’t be bummed. I won’t forget about you. Be sure and signup for post emails at the top right of the page if you want to get them in your inbox instead of just guessing when I might post next.  You have to respond to the first email you’ll get after you sign up to confirm your address and begin receiving the posts.

Let me know if you have trouble, and I’ll try to help you out.

Thanks for your support so far.


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