A Medley of Certificates & Awards

This was a big week for the Medley children, furry and otherwise. 

Grace brought home three certificates of achievement and another 100% on her weekly spelling test. She’s only missed words on two tests all year and those were the first couple of weeks before we all caught on to how things worked in the first grade.

And Belle graduated from Obedience School.

I’m pretty sure they gave Belle and I a pity pass but you know what, I’ll take it. She is a terrible walker on a leash. Wednesday night she turned it on and did great for her test .She was also supposed to sit and stay for one minute. She did, but in 15 second increments. You can see she “needs work”. Well, duh. That’s why she’s in obedience school

I would give her overall performance a C+. Ms. West was generous.

Now it’s my turn. My writing workshops begin in two weeks. I’m just glad I won’t get a grade or have to take any tests. 

I hope I get a certificate of achievement.


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