Post Whine & Blogging Notes

I have wanted to quit posting daily about three times this week, and I’ve only made it two months. This makes the 64th post because I had a couple of bonus posts thrown in there for kicks when I was feeling flush. This week has been a struggle. I’ve been grumpy and nothing has seemed all that post worthy.

I don’t like to be a quitter, but man, it’s getting more difficult.

The only thing that’s kept me going is that I am excited that more and more people have been finding my blog. I’m also a little disappointed because my bounce rate has been high. Until two weeks ago, I didn’t even know what bounce rate was.

Bounce rate means something got someone to the blog, like a specific search term, and when they got here, they realized it was not what they expected. They bounced or left immediately and didn’t stick around to check things out.

I think my catchy titles are the culprit. Also, I steal a lot of the images from Google Images, and I think that sometimes leads them here. I know it leads me to their pages so I suspect I am bouncing of other people’s blogs the same way.

Just last week I discovered Google Analytics which is totally cool and awesome and depressing all at the same time. It’s free. You register your blog and they analyze your blog traffic six ways to Sunday. I am not naturally analytic but I sure do like to see where, how and what people are doing when they come to my blog. Don’t worry, there’s no specific information. I can’t tell who you are.

I’ve learned a lot about blogs and blog traffic this past week. More than you’ll probably ever want to know. My post last week, The Helpful Gene, is really getting lots of page views. My all time most viewed though is still A Penny Saved… I think folks find it and think it’s a way to get through these hard economic times. Not so much really, it’s actually about my first car and Grace’s efforts to save for one of her own.

One thing I would like to start doing is taking more of my own pics for the posts. I think that might cut down on the random bouncing. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll make it an entire year. I’m getting squishy. Right now, another entire month seems pretty impossible.

Feel free to offer up topics if you are so inclined, because frankly, I could use the help.

These would be your rock days my friend.


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