We Bought A Pool

No it’s not as exciting as buying a zoo, but there should be less poop to scoop.

Bryon and Grace have been campaigning for a pool for the past three years. I just didn’t see the value in it really. A pool is expensive. It’s a lot of work. It takes up a lot of real estate in the yard. I have fair skin. I’m fat. You get the picture.

Still, they campaigned on. Nana chimed in too. Nana has promised to visit and stay much more in the summer time if we have a pool. Uh huh, we’ll see.

Finally, I caved in and got on board the pool train. There were two deciding factors that tipped the scale for me. For one, we got back enough on our tax refund to pay for most of it. Secondly, eight out of the ten times Bryon tried to take Grace to the Marshfield city pool last summer, they were closed. That pool administration is a mess. If there aren’t a minimum number of swimmer at the pool (I’m thinking that number is ten), they close down.

If it clouds up and even looks rainy, they close down. If it’s a Saturday of a full moon, they close down. Several times, we even thought to call ahead and make sure the pool was in fact open, drove there geared up and dressed up to swim only to find they had just closed down due to some random event. It was infuriating.

That’s why we decided to buy a pool of our own.

We have friends with pools but they live too far away to play on a regular basis. One of the goals we hope to achieve with our little farmy oasis here in the Big Cedars is to make our home a landing spot for Grace and her friends as the years go by. If she is here, we know what’s going on.

A pool will be a kid magnet.

Of course with that come the stresses of WATCHING all of those kids and keeping them from drowning. I’m just going to have to invest in a lot of noodles and life vests.

The actual pool has yet to arrive but will soon and then the installation will commence. We are not looking forward to the installation. I might have mentioned my problem with following directions. Luckily, Bryon is very good at following directions. There is a lot of prep ground work (literally) that has to happen before the first steel panel goes up and months before the first splash is made, but this summer will be spent enjoying our staycation in the Big Cedars.

More good news: only two big cedars will have to be sacrificed for the pool.

Life is good.


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