Library Girl

Grace really likes picking out her own library books. We go to the Webster County Library regularly. I used to pick out her books for her. Now, she has her own opinion on everything, including books.

She’s on a thick book kick. She really wants to read fat books. Chapter books. The fatter the better. I know she can’t read all the words in them but I dig that she wants to try. She likes the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and systematically moves her book mark forward in the book marking her page.

I was curious how much she actually could read so I had her try to read a page from one of the fat books she has on her book case at home. She got stumped pretty quickly but she plowed on. She told me she only reads the words she knows.

That seemed like a pretty good plan.

Every time she develops a new interest, she wants a ton of books about it. I’m pretty sure I know where that trait came from (points two thumbs to self). I’m notorious for that. As habits go, it’s a pretty good one I think.

I remember reading books way above my level from my own school library. I wanted something challenging. Once I made my way through all the myths of the world series, I discovered non-fiction. It would be fun to have a reading list from that time, but I’m sure those catalog cards are long destroyed. No you can have your list kept electronically online at most libraries.

It think that’s awesome.

And if Grace only reads the words she knows, she’ll be in good company. Admit it, we had no idea how to pronounce most of the words and/or names in any of the Harry Potter books, and we still got the gist of it.

Read on.


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