Valentine’s Day Treats: Bonus Post

Saturday night Bryon took Grace and I out to Flame in Springfield for Valentine’s Day. He received a $50 gift card from his work for successfully completing their accreditation. They also gave him a nice letter for his personnel file and a writeup in the Mercy InTouch newsletter. Things sure have changed since this time last February for him. Next week is his one year anniversary.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and his recognition, we all got dressed up and headed to town. The Shockley’s came along as well. Bryon likes to take Grace on dates from time to time somewhere fancy. Flame is pretty fancy. I thought she would be the only kid there, but we did see a couple of others.

She insisted I wear a dress. One of my self-proclaimed missions in life is to never wear another pair of panty hose as long as I live. Wearing a dress in twelve degree weather demanded some sort of leg coverings. Since I didn’t think long underwear would pass the Grace test, I had to go buy some because I don’t even own a pair anymore.

I stuffed myself into my thigh high stockings instead of the dreaded panty hose. I spent the rest of the evening praying they stayed up and didn’t roll down my chubby thighs and pool around my ankles. I also wore my Spanx. You know, the spandex shapers that squish your round shape into a flat shape. Okay, flatter shape. This stomach hasn’t seen flat in a long time. It was a lot of work but it was worth it.

We had a very nice pre-Valentines dinner, and Grace had DQ ice cream for dessert.

There wasn’t room in my Spanx for ice cream.


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