Cat House

You were expecting something else weren’t you. Seriously, this is the little cat house I made for Violet on the back deck.

It’s been so cold the past few nights, and I have no idea where she sleeps. I wanted to try to give her a little warmer and hopefully safer spot. This is temporary but I stuffed an old fleece blanket into it and covered the sides with an old rug.

She crawled right into it and snuggled up. She absolutely HAS to see what we are doing in the house and if I close the blinds, she jumps up on the window sill and hangs from the screen trying to see. Bryon will not tolerate that, so I just have to leave the blinds open until we go to bed.

When I go out to feed or pet her she wraps her paws around my leg and tries to get me to stay and play. She’s pretty sweet. I really hope she doesn’t get eaten by a coyote.

This morning when I went out to feed her, she had left me a gift by the back door. A mole. She can dig up as many of those suckers as she wants. I was appreciative. I picked it up and put it into the trash. I don’t know why, but a mole is not nearly as repulsive as a mouse. As I was carrying it to the trash can by it’s tiny tail, I was noticing how much it looked like a mouse. Yet, no repulsion. Curious.

Hunt on Violet. Hunt on.


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