Do Not Disturb

Grace made this sign to hang on her door.

You’ll see she corrected her spelling with her special editing marks. She X’d out the wrong letter and added a caret to insert the correct letter instead of just starting over. I would have had to start over.  I guess she felt the point was still conveyed.

She told me when the sign was out, that she wanted privacy. Hmmmm, don’t we all. I told her when my bathroom door is closed, even part way, that means I want privacy. Maybe I need a sign because I still can’t manage to go to the bathroom without being interrupted.

Of course a sign still wouldn’t keep the dog out.

Now that she likes to close her door, I understand a little more what a magnet a closed door is. What is she DOING in there? For one thing, she’s listening to Justin Bieber and dancing. I know this because I disturbed her and caught her in the act. It was pretty funny.

She’s just lucky she doesn’t have an irritating little brother. My brother Mike is three and a half years younger than me, and he used to drive me nuts. I would close my door and lock it. He’d get the ice pick out of the kitchen and pop my lock open. Then he’d just sit Indian style outside the door on the floor and stare at me. He just wanted to see what I was doing.

I wasn’t doing anything. But I wanted to do it ALONE. I started barring the door by shoving my chair up under the doorknob. In the bathroom, I’d open the cabinet drawer in front of the door so he couldn’t open it. Sometimes he’d shove his hands under my door just to irritate me. I stomped on them so then he’d run and tell on me. That cycle was pretty much on repeat at our house.

Today Grace actually spent some of her time in her room cleaning up because Bryon made a chore deal with her. She has to clean her bathroom sink, clean her desk, pick up her clothes, vacuum the floors & scoop the dog poop out of the kennel daily. If she does all of that each week she gets $5.

She has to do it by bedtime Sunday night. This was the first week. I predict it will be completed minutes before bedtime nearly every Sunday night.

Now that is disturbing.


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