Primary Voting

Next week is the primary vote for Missouri. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll bother. Apparently, it doesn’t even really count, and I don’t feel passionate about any of the candidates including our current President. In President Obama’s defense, he, like most new presidents, inherited the leftovers of the previous administration.

You know what it’s like to step into the shoes of the guy who got fired. His files are a mess; his office is a mess. He left lots of loose ends and twisted paperclips and weird pills in the desk drawer that you hope are antacids. That and you are expected to work miracles. You’re either the hero or the zero.

In 2008, I was probably the most interested I’ve ever been in politics. I listened to hours of Fox News Radio and tried hard to be a Republican. Until then, I had voted for a democrat in every election.For Clinton twice. Granted, I had no real horse in any of those races or even much knowledge of politics. My vote was really based on personality. I suppose folks have voted for people for worse reasons.

I always thought the Republican Party was for old people – like our parents – who cared about things like taxes. I also thought the Democratic Party was for the underdog, the little guy. I liked that.
Now I know there is a lot more to consider. Now I’m a parent too. Now I care about taxes. I guess that is part of the reason I felt compelled to vote Republican. It seemed like the grown up thing to do.

I even  went to a Sarah Palin rally. Boy, am I glad that she didn’t get elected. She drives me crazy now. She seems to have become a caricature, and she has some really annoying habits – like speaking to reporters.

This year I can’t get excited about Newt or Romney or any of them. So I’m thinking about sitting out and not voting at all. If I don’t vote, it will be the first time since I was eligible to vote that I don’t take advantage of it. I just don’t see the point in placing a vote for someone I don’t believe in. I don’t even dislike any of them enough to vote against them.

As for political affiliations, I think I’ll just stick to being an independent. That way I can vote for the best man. Or maybe someday, the best woman. Grace asked me recently why there wasn’t ever a girl president. Good question. Maybe she’ll finally get to vote for one someday.


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