Raising A Redneck

This week was Spirit Week at Niangua. Friday is Homecoming and Grace and Bryon are going to attend. Monday was Duct Tape Accessory Day. Bryon and I debated who would be the most adept at helping Grace with making some duct tape accessories.

Bryon argued it fell under the category of crafts so I should be in charge of it. I argued it fell under the category of manly tools since the main ingredient was duct tape. Besides, he’s a much bigger and more accomplished redneck than I am. I’m only a redneck by proximity.

Since I was busy making sugar cookies to sustain the family sweet tooth in preparation for my week in Rolla at the Missouri S&T blood drive. He gave in. Reluctantly.

 Of course he did a great job and created a cool belt, a ring, a bracelet and a hair bow for her to wear. She wanted some sort of crazy arm and leg getup that neither of us could understand. She didn’t get that.

The next day, she wore them all to school. There was a contest in her class and Brooke beat her. We asked Grace what Brooke had that made her win. She told us Brooke had ear rings AND crazy arm and let things. Yeah, just like she wanted us to make. Dang that Brooke’s parents! We know who we have to beat now.

Next year, it’s so on like Donkey Kong.


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