Vampires VS Tsunamis

Vampires vs Tsunamis. Probably not two things you would ever put together. Unless of course you are inside my head.

Last weekend, Bryon and I watched Hereafter the Matt Damon movie. We are way behind on watching movies. While watching the movie, I was really distracted because the entire time I couldn’t get over how much Matt Damon looks like my brother Mike. If Matt had a little more gray hair or Mike used some Grecian formula, they could be doubles. Or maybe it’s just me.

But I digress… SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen the movie Hereafter and have any hope of watching it… Don’t read the next paragraph.

The opening scene was of a tsunami crashing into town and sweeping people and cars and everything away. It was horrifying. One of the main characters was caught up in the crazy powerful flood and swept through, over, under and into all sorts of obstacles until she was finally knocked in the back of the head and died. I have no idea how they made that opening scene. My heart was racing, and I could barely stand to watch it. It was way, way too scary.

On the the polar opposite of that are vampire movies. I really dig vampire movies. Actually I like pretty much any kind of monster movie: vampires, werewolves, zombies, chupacabra … you get the idea. No matter how much blood and gore are in those movies, it just doesn’t faze me. In fact, the bloodier the better because hey, they are monsters, right? Blood will be spilled.

What I can’t watch are slasher movies and watching that opening scene made me realize exactly where that fine line is. Real life horror is way scarier than anything made up. Now, what are the chances I will ever be in a tsunami? About the same as being bitten by a vampire I suspect. But there are lots of even more horrible things in this world to fear and worry about than movie monsters.

When we do want to watch a movie upstairs, we have to wait until Grace has gone to bed and is ASLEEP because she gets scared if we go upstairs and leave her alone downstairs. Even though the doors are locked and there is no way anything is going to happen to her while we are one floor away. Still, she worries.

The other  night Bryon was out in the barn working on his boat and it was my night to put Grace to bed. She wanted to know what I was going to do because I turned off the TV. I told her I was going to take a shower and read. She wanted to know where I was going to read. I had to promise her I wasn’t going to go upstairs and leave her alone downstairs. I asked her why it mattered as long as I was in the house. She said bad guys could break in and steal her or there could be a fire, and she couldn’t get out.

We showed her months ago how to get out her window in case of a fire. It stuck in her head. I  assured her no bad guys were going to break in, and even if they did we’d have way more guns than they had. She fell asleep, but I stayed downstairs and read on the couch.

It would be nice if we were never really truly afraid of anything but that’s just human nature I suppose. That and maybe a few too many monster movies. I still can’t look out a window at night without expecting a vampire to be floating outside of it à la Salem’s Lot, but I’d take that over a tsunami any day.

I was going to put a photo from the last tsunami on the top of the post today … but it was way too scary.


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