Editorial Errors

Okay, first off I want to apologize. I’ve been happily blogging along for some time now. Regardless of  how many times I read, reread, proofread my posts, the second I read it AFTER it’s posted, I start finding errors.

It’s embarrassing. I know how to spell. If I didn’t this wonderful little program into which I create these works of literary art would bedazzle said words with a little squiggly line under my sketchy bits so I can be alerted and reconsider whether or not I really wanted to thhype that word. Or TYPE that word. See, I just totally ignored that squiggly and look what happened. A typo.

Word 2010 also alerts me to grammatical errors. Sometimes though, those errors are not really errors. I meant to do that. For effect. Other times, Word and this blog editor just totally bail on me and leave me hanging. As a result, you get a poor usage of the word THERE when I should have said THEIR. Seriously people, I know the difference. I utilized buckets of red ink during my three long dog years of teaching English to high school kids and correcting that very error.

My problem is not ignorance of grammar and spelling or even typing. My problem is my complete disregard for detail and a totally blind eye to my glaring imperfections. Maybe it’s God’s way of keeping me going. Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe the type on this tiny netbook screen is growing smaller and smaller by the second and is almost down to 5 point type now and my 43 year old eyes are giving up. See there, that was totally a run on sentence, but it had a good effect yes? You got the point. Too many details to take in and no desire to correct that mistake.

You should see the other guy. You should see what I DO correct. I read these posts in the editor pane before I post them. Then I send it to preview mode and read it again. I find lots of errors and correct them that way. Finally, I schedule it to post. It posts a day or two later and then I get the email in my inbox saying Life In The Big Cedars has a new post! Yippee! Way to go! Yay me!

Then I read it and find all these embarrassing errors and have no way to correct them on my 3 1/2 inch iPhone screen while I’m driving down the highway in BFE. So I have to wait until I have free WiFi somewhere, crank up the blog and fix them. But the damage is done. You’ve already read it! You already think, “Damn, why am I reading this hack? She doesn’t even know the difference in there and their.'” Rest assured I do know the difference.

I just really, really need a living breathing editor.

I apologize to any of you that I have corrected or judged in the past.

Editors feel free to apply.

The rest of you feel free to offer corrections in the comments section below. We can make it a game. Think of it as our own little personal version of Where’s Waldo.


3 thoughts on “Editorial Errors

  1. I'm always in a huge hurry, even when I have ample time, when I am writing. I have to constantly tell myself to sloooooow down and to READ THROUGH MY FIRST DRAFT before I post it. I'm so guilty of getting all excited and clicking "Publish" before I'm ready.


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