Dreaming of a Drift Boat


This is Bryon’s latest project. It’s going to be a drift boat. Fishermen use them a lot out west. Bryon hopes to take it down the Eleven Point as well as out west. He found this kit on Craigslist. The kits sell for $3,500 new. He got this one for $700. The guy had bought two of them and completed one boat. The previous owner messed up the epoxy on the outside of this boat when he started it. The epoxy has to cure at just the right temperature and he did it out in the sun and it got too hot too quickly.

Bryon and two of his fishing buddies went in on shares and are all working on the boat together. They sanded it back down to bare wood and started over. That’s Matt in the pic above and those are the sides of the boat they are working on. The boat looks awesome so far. I couldn’t really envision what it was going to look like so he showed me some pics online.


It’s a pretty big project but they hope to make it river worthy by spring. He’s already dreaming of fishing trips to come.

They are taking boat name suggestions. So far all the potential names they came up with are dirty ones. They could use the help if you have a trout related name idea that doesn’t involve trousers or body parts.


One thought on “Dreaming of a Drift Boat

  1. That's so cool. Before his accident, my husband bought an OLD boat and rebuilt it. It was amazing to see the before and after pics. We actually got to use it three times before his paralysis. I miss fishing, so I hope you guys get to enjoy yours a long time. Keep us updated on the progress. SO fun to watch this stuff being built.


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